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Reading & Writing

Read Aloud  
Word Work  
Reading Workshop  
Writing Workshop  
Calendar (K-2 cross-content focus)  
Morning Message (K-2 cross-content focus)  


  • Everyone MUST teach their own literacy blocks
  • Workshop is NOT centers in grade 1-6
 The above takes place 5 days a week
Each component of the Reading and Writing Workshops are based on FORMATIVE assessment and follow the Instructional Model:  focus lesson, guided instruction, collaboration, independent practice, reflection.


  • We will follow the created pacing guides and use the common assessments
  • Math in Focus IS our curriculum
  • We will use the self-assessments, written assessments, and open responses provided within the Math in Focus program
  • The Common Core are our new standards; we are no longer teaching/assessing the GLCE's

The teaching of mathematics is based on grade level pacing guides and follow the Instructional Model:  focus lesson, guided instruction/collaboration, independent practice, reflection.