Cedar View Chorus

2019 - 2020 School YearTop of Page

Cedar Springs is proud to offer again the Cedar View Chorus for 4th and 5th grades.

This choir will be an extracurricular performance-based group that rehearses once per week. To become a member of this a group, a student must audition for Mr. Shutes.   An audition will consist of singing an unaccompanied piece of music ranging in time from 30 seconds to 1 minute, as well as an oral response as to why the student wants to be in the choir.  
The CVC does a great deal of two-part harmony works and to ensure more effective use of our time with the students; we will be breaking the CVC into two groups for rehearsal. Half of the members will rehearse on Tuesday, the other half on Wednesday, and everybody rehearses together on Thursday. All rehearsals will be from 3:30 to 4:30 PM regardless of day. If you have a preference of which date would work best for you, please respond accordingly in the online form with a rationale for the request as well. Please understand that we will try to accommodate every request possible, but due to makeup of the group and balance, not every request may be fulfilled.
Attendance is a necessity for this group to succeed. Cedar View offers many wonderful after school opportunities for students to partake in and please take that into consideration when deciding to join the Cedar View Chorus because we need every student at every rehearsal. If multiple unexcused absences occur, removal from the group may occur.
The Cedar View Chorus  performs at numerous events in the Cedar Springs and Greater Grand Rapids area throughout the course of the year.   A detailed schedule is available on our website http://csemusic.weebly.com. Please check these dates to assure that your student is available. There is always the potential for additional performances throughout the year, and if a performance is added, a minimum of a month’s notice will be given.
If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Shutes at matt.shutes@csredhawks.org